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Melahuset keeps closed to the public

Melahuset is closed to the public until after Easter. We do this to limit the [...]

Women's Day on Melahuset

Many thanks to all of you who came and marked International Women's Day with us at [...]

Oldtimers on Melahuset

This spring starts Melahuset up with a concert series that we have called oldtimers. Here [...]

Happy new year, and thank you for an exciting 2019.

We on Melahuset wishes everyone a happy new year, and at the same time wishes to thank [...]

How should we distribute cultural power?

Diversity is the very prerequisite for quality, wrote the Cultural Council's director Kristin Danielsen in a column in [...]

Marking the Crystal Night with Raya & here Gypsy Legacy

A strong encounter with three generations of cultural heritage and identity, terrific emotions, musical brilliance and joy of playing. [...]

Attempt deleted from our collective memory

The Crystal Night on November 9 is celebrated every year in large parts of Europe to commemorate [...]

About the importance of Frantz Fanon today

He was one of the most prominent spokesmen of anti-colonialism and his work influenced civil rights struggles throughout [...]

Debate: Everyday racism. Racism every day.

The whole of Norway is discussing tolls, while there is one topic we really should talk more about. [...]