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The awakening against racism

In recent years, racism has become sharper and more visible. In the years to come, I have [...]

In memory of Elisabeth Appa Beveney

Elisabeth Appa Beveney, died April 19, aged 74 years. We have not lost just one [...]

Annual Report

Melahuset marked in 2019 that it was three years since we first opened [...]

May 1: Solidarity across borders

- 1 May has been the labor movement's day of struggle for values such as equality, freedom, unity, meaning and [...]

Gatas Parlament and HYClerne celebrate May 1st from Melahuset

Trade union Children and Adolescence and Melahuset ties on the sailing shoes and prepares the lifebuoys, and [...]

Diversity is threatened

There is a large group of Norwegian musicians who fall outside the artistic community. Published in [...]

See the Mela Festival's opening concert this Easter

Dear all, We hope everyone is well. The coronavirus has this spring set [...]

- Electrical and necessary

Melahuset Goes Off: Larm promoted innovative artists from South Africa, Uganda, Ghana and Norway, in music forms [...]

Melahuset keeps closed to the public

Melahuset is closed to the public until after Easter. We do this to limit the [...]

Women's Day on Melahuset

Many thanks to all of you who came and marked International Women's Day with us at [...]