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Mela is back and needs you as a volunteer!

Finally Mela is back and we need you as a volunteer! Do you want to [...]

Melahuset cancels tonight's performance, Teesri Dhun

Melahuset cancels tonight's performance, Teesri Dhun. We are proud of all the thousands who have [...]

Melafestivalen 2022 back at Rådhusplassen

Melafestivalen is finally back at Rådhusplassen in Oslo this year! The weekend of 12-14 August it will be [...]

Relive this weekend's concerts!

Then we can look back on another weekend with good music, good atmosphere and [...]

Melafestivalen Started!

This year's Mela Festival is well underway and we have already put a weekend behind us [...]

Never Forget

Today we are in solidarity with the rest of the country. The attack on the government quarter and AUF's [...]

New edition of Samora Forum

On Wednesday 21 July, the second edition of this year's Samora Forum will be launched. This issue of the magazine Samora Forum [...]

Workers without land

Palestinian workers live under apartheid and lack of labor and human rights, and the pandemic has made the situation [...]

Melafestivalen in on Melahuset !

Same festival, new (temporary) location. We have the pleasure of inviting you to this year's Mela Festival at [...]

Melahuset's infection control rules

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