About Melahuset

Melahuset (The Mela House) was established in 2016 by cultural activist Khalid Salimi. The house is a programming stage for multicultural art and cultural expression. The house's activities reflect the diversity in society and place particular emphasis on artists and cultural expressions from the countries that are well represented in Norway due to immigration.

Melahuset aims to increase knowledge and expertise about these cultural expressions, and to create space for activities and experiences.

Other goals include reaching out to audience groups who do not usually seek out established art and cultural institutions, but who can discover an arena for their cultural interests.

We are an arena where both established artists and newcomer young talents get new opportunities. The Mela House’s premises are used for cultural purposes, and not for private, party political or religious events.

If you have tips for our programme, or would like to rent or organize something at the Melahuset, please contact us well in advance so that we can take this into account in our programming.

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