About Melahuset

Melahuset was established in 2016 by cultural activist Khalid Salimi, and works to continue the work of Melafestivalen. The House is a programming stage for multicultural art and cultural expression. The House's activities reflect the diversity of society, with a special emphasis on artists and cultural expressions from countries that are well represented in Norway through immigration.

Melahuset works to increase knowledge and competence about these cultural expressions, and to create space for activities and experiences.

The hope is also to reach out to audience groups who do not usually visit established art and cultural institutions, but who here find an arena for their cultural interests.

We are an arena where both established artists and emerging young talents are given new opportunities. Melahuset's premises are made available for cultural purposes, and not for private, party political or religious events.

Do you have tips for our program, or do you want to rent or arrange something yourself Melahuset , please contact us well in advance so we can take this into account in our programming.

Melahuset to all!

With several event series, adds Melahuset to facilitate the diverse interests of the audience.

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MelaFantasi all year round

Learning and fun for kindergarten students


Mela: Sjappa

Mentoring, conversations and workshops for young people


All Hail the Queen

Women-friendly artists in hip hop

Hindu nationalism 1920x1080 1

Literary evening

Lectures and conversations with renowned authors

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Musicians from all corners of the world with a great impact in Norway.

0000s 0008 Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards 2019 photo Rob Jones


Artists with roots in different countries. This year's focus is Somalia.

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