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We need you as a volunteer at Oslo Mela 2024

As a volunteer at Mela, you get the opportunity to be one of those who work in the background and contribute to creating a magical festival atmosphere at Rådhusplassen, you will get to know new people and gain great work experience that can be useful.

Every year, we have had dedicated volunteers who have helped to create a cultural and memorable festival. Would you like to join us and recreate the magic? Sign up as a volunteer at Melafestivalen 2024. Be quick to sign up, and you'll have a better chance of getting the job you want. Keep an eye on our website for the program and more information.


Stine Dombeck
Volunteer coordinator

Overview of work tasks

You serve volunteers, guests and/or staff, as well as prepare and keep order in the changing rooms and volunteer tent.

Your task is to distribute information and the festival program, and staff Mela's information stand.

You make sure that everything is clean and tidy in the tents and on the site.

The super volunteers are available everywhere at the festival where they are needed.

When you're working with accreditation, you're in charge of registering all backstage access. You'll need to enjoy meeting new people and welcoming the friendly people who will be working backstage.

Children's volunteers! You get to play with children and families in the festival's fantasy tent and make sure that activities go smoothly.

As a volunteer on the media team, you work with information and social media during the festival. You share photos, videos, interviews, information, etc. on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok so that everyone, both inside and outside the festival, can take part in the party.

As a photographer at Melafestivalen , your job is to document the atmosphere at Melafestivalen - in front of, behind and on stage. We are looking for versatile photographers with a flair for the visual. Being a photographer at Melafestivalen gives you good photo experience and the opportunity to build up your portfolio. Some photography experience is required, and your own equipment is necessary.

As a rigger, you'll help rig equipment to and from the stage and assist the production team where needed.