The importance of new performances for children

Raymond Sereba on stage playing a djembe.

A rich king on the move and the fruits of a cocoa tree are at the center of a newly written children's show that will be performed at Melahuset in spring and autumn 2023.

- There is a clear need for a varied and qualitative cultural offer for children and it is also important that children hear stories from other cultures and traditions. We wanted this commission because it is about our common cultural heritage, whether we are in Africa, Asia or Europe. . So says Khalid Salimi, director of the Mela House.

April 25 is the premiere of the kindergarten performance "The World's Richest Man and the Cocoa Tree" at Melahuset. This is written and performed by Raymond Sereba, who is a dancer, musician and storyteller, and is based on an idea and concept by Khalid Salimi. In "The World's Richest Man and the Cocoa Tree", children are taken back in time and hear two previously unknown stories; one about the king Mansa Mussa and one about a cocoa tree.

- For Mela, children have always been an important audience. Therefore, we are particularly pleased to be able to invite you to the premiere of a newly written and entertaining show that will both delight and entertain, but also give children some new knowledge and a new perspective, says Khalid Salimi.

Click on this link to read more about the show and to register your kindergarten.

Published on April 11, 2023