Melahuset received "Certificate of Appreciation" during the Gambian Culture Week

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On Saturday, August 5, Melahuset received the "Certificate of Appreciation" during the closing of this year's Gambian Culture Week. The award is presented by The Gambian Association Oslo as a thank you to their partners and supporters.

Melahuset isrecognized for its outstanding contribution and long-standing efforts in cultural dissemination by promoting an arena for inclusion, and strengthening community and diversity in Norway, The Gambian Association Oslo said in its statement.

The award was accepted by Melahuset's director, Khalid Salimi, who took the opportunity to thank the award, but also to thank the organizers of the Gambian Culture Week.

The workers who immigrated to Norway were expected to be useful and skilled workers. They have been, but they also insisted on being human and have thus added several different artistic and cultural expressions to our society.

The Gambian Association Oslo deserves a big thank you for organizing the Gambian Culture Week year after year, and it is a great honor for me to be a part of this and see the joy and smiles that characterize this week. A big thank you from Melahuset for the work you do, and an even bigger thank you for this award.

Other recipients of the "Certificate of Appreciation" this evening were Nordic Black Theatre, Alin Aneke, Sheriff Abba Camara, Alh. Doudou Ceesay, Dawda Ismailah Kah and Babou Ndure.

The Gambian Association Oslo has organized Gambian culture week since 1986, and since 2017 Melahuset has been one of the regular venues for several of the culture week activities.

Published on August 6, 2023