Attempt deleted from our collective memory

Crystal Night on November 9 is celebrated every year in large parts of Europe to commemorate the terrible things we exposed our peoples. And they are far more than Jews. Suffering from the Nazi past is not yet facing gypsies and Tatars to this day. Through continuous curfews, the suppression of cultures and rituals, and perpetual poverty, these peoples live among us.

In addition to these ethnic groups, from the archives of oblivion, we must also highlight the persecution of the mentally handicapped, communists, trade unionists and several others. Countless incidents of homosexuals being sexually tortured are part of the shameful story.

Among several events at Krystallnatten this year, the gypsy Raya and her family of three generations also stand on Melahuset's stage in Oslo: her admonition is that "we Norwegians must learn to say that there are no bad groups or nations, but bad people".

Hatred of Romani was so deeply rooted that even middle-class gypsies were not wanted. An unsuccessful romani had no right to live, but even a successful romani was also undesirable. They were placed in graves which they themselves were asked to dig.

Questions to which we have never received a satisfactory answer are whether we ever really intend to settle with ourselves. A proper settlement would never allow our victims, the Jews, themselves to continue to oppress Palestinians with apartheid-like conditions after gaining their own state.

"We strongly deplore the atrocities committed against the Romani people and the Tatars and the suffering inflicted on the group and the individual," said Minister Jan Tore Sanner. The apology came when the government in 2015 received the report from the Romani and Tater Committee. The atrocities that were uncovered are so extensive that they can not be reminded of ourselves who have been responsible for this.

A culture of reminder and search must be created that does not allow us to continue to exterminate, oppress and discriminate against ethnic groups. A culture must be created here in this part of the world as a watchdog against anti-popular culture.

Khalid Salimi

Director Melahuset

Editor, Samora Forum

Published November 8, 2019