Gatas Parlament and HYClerne celebrate May 1st from Melahuset

Trade union Children and Adolescence and Melahuset puts on his sailing shoes and prepares the lifebuoys, and presents Gatas Parlament with Holmlia Yacht Club Band livestream and waves from Melahuset .

See the concert here

Melahuset marks May 1 by focusing on solidarity across borders and therefore there will also be appeals by Rania Elias , head of the Yabou Cultural Center in Palestine; artist and nurse Marthe Valle ; Red politician Sofia Rana ; Khalid Salimi from Melahuset , and at Fagforbundet Barn og Oppvekst, Oslo .

About Gatas Parliament and the HYCs:

Drop in the Molotow cocktails and put on your best kosbalaklava, for this will be a maritime and socially distant socialist and distinguishing event for the broad strata of the proletariat.

Gatas Parlament is the Norwegian left's leading veteran rapper, and has been making workers' songs for a number of years. Together with the HYCs , also known as Holmlia Yacht Club , they perform yachty port-oriented rap music with a male and female cabinet of winds, drums, bass, keyboards, choristers, guitar and percussion, in addition to the rapping helmsmen Elling and Jester .

The concert begins at 20:00, directly after Norwegian People's Aid ends the May 1 stream from Rockefeller. We promise a dignified but vulgar celebration!

Hard port!

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Published April 27, 2020