Four new artists ready for the main stage!

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Four new artists are ready for the main stage at Oslo Mela in August! Hitmakers Chani Nattan and Inderpal Moga bring catchy tunes, old-school Punjabi vibes and fierce hip-hop beats, while PAVNA offers hard-hitting and dynamic hip-hop, RÜ provides poetic and political soul and r&b, and there will be rhythms, vibes and girl power when the dancers in Punjabi Vikings take to the stage.

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Chani Nattan + Inderpal Moga 

- Punjabi bangers with a modern sound

It's impossible not to get carried away when the duo Chani Nattan and Inderpal Moga offer catchy tunes, old-school Punjabi vibes and fierce hip-hop beats.

Artist, producer and songwriter Chani Nattan has in recent years established himself as a notorious hit machine delivering catchy, upbeat songs with authentic, lyrical and inspiring lyrics. In 2021, he teamed up with artist and actor Inderpal Moga and their first song "Daku" quickly became one of the most streamed songs on Spotify India. Since then, they've released bangers like "Bad Boys", "Drip", "W" and "Facetime", either as a duo or in collaboration with artists like Miss Pooja and Canadian rapper TVGUCCI.

Their ability to create a new Punjabi sound - with their soul in their traditional musical roots and their hearts beating for new musical impulses - not only ensures their popularity, but also contributes to a musical renewal that also arouses the curiosity of an international audience.


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Pavna. Photo: Kai Chen


- Hard-hitting and dynamic hip hop

PAVNA is a creative energy bomb that charms audiences with her vital rapping, big stage personality and she draws clear inspiration from her South Asian music heritage.

It wasn't a given that PAVNA, or Bhavna Paul as she's actually called, would pursue a rap career, but in 2019 she started writing her own songs and it wasn't long before she received recognition from several major music profiles in Norway. Her debut song "Regarde Moi" from 2021 was listed on NRK P3X and already after her first concert she was referred to as a crowd mover - a name she continues to live up to.

For PAVNA, music is a source of strength, joy and reflection, and now she hopes listeners will find a "friend" in her thought-provoking lyrics and creativity.


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RÜ. Photo: Lucas Jacques Alfred Gaussen

- Poetic and political soul and r&b

RÜ aka Ruth Victoria Rømyhr delivers stylish soul and r&b, inspired by the expression of older jazz, new age, r&b and hip hop, and with lyrics that are both poetic and political.

defines herself as queer and alternative and uses her music to address issues related to insecurities and problems she experiences in society, and to promote self-acceptance and appreciation of diversity. This is evident in her debut album "La Petite Princesse", released in the fall of 2023, where the songs share her perspectives on the world we live in today. The album garnered praise from critics and audiences alike, and along with concerts at everything from Oslo Pride and the National Museum to Trondheim Calling and Melahuset's "All Hail the Queen", more and more people are getting caught up in RÜ's unique musical universe.


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Punjabi Vikings

- Rhythm, vibes and girl power

It takes a lot not to feel the desire to dance when Punjabi Vikings presents a dance show full of color, vibration, rhythm and good vibes.

It was in 2018 that the nine girls of Punjabi Vikings decided to throw themselves into the world of dance and started a group specializing in the styles of bhangra and giddha. The aim is to both spread their passion for dance but also pay homage to their cultural roots with the energetic bhangra dance as a symbol of freedom and celebration and giddha, a folk dance for women, to give a real dose of girl power.

When they take the main stage at Oslo Mela, the audience can look forward to a colorful show where the joy of dancing and the rhythmic energy is guaranteed to infect the audience at Rådhusplassen.

Published May 30, 2024