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West African Jam / Raggabalder Riddim Rebels

August 18, 2023

 Dunk: Bernt Ankers gate 21    23.00

When the musicians in West African Jam come together to jam, both musical and geographical encounters are created across various West African musical traditions. They often expand their musical landscape by inviting musicians from another country or with a different musical background. The artists playing this evening are Solo Diarra, Bafana Isaac, Bacary Sagna and Oua-Anou Diarra.

Before and after the concert, Raggabalder Riddim Rebels provide a sweaty and chaotic dance floor. The DJ group was started in 2001 by Tungtvann members Joddski and Jan Steigen in frustration with Oslo's lack of dancehall clubs at the time. Since then, they have joined the members Drahpaa, Maggie and Seip and together they have ensured that the reggae flag is held high above the capital, the rest of the country and around Europe. Their repertoire consists of both old and new, rare and commercial reggae, dancehall, hip-hop, afro and related music that is run through the Raggabalder filter for maximum dancing pleasure and atmosphere.

MELAklubb program

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Main Stage MELAfantasi MELAarena MELAklubb
Main Stage MELAfantasi MELAarena MELAklubb