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TEHUS // Theme FREEDOM - with Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat, Benjamin Lønne Røsler and Erik Hillestad

Saturday, March 2


In the Eastern Tehu tradition; three set texts, three readings, three dialogues. With low shoulders, high sky and an open mind! Welcome to Tehus - old form, new spaces!

Freedom - a small, simple and complicated word.
In Store norske leksikon it reads as follows:
Freedom is a state of sovereignty or self-government of an individual, a group of individuals or a political system. In other words, freedom is the opposite of being hindered, controlled, forced or ruled over.

Palestine, Ukraine and Iran are all examples of places where the opposite is now the case; one is hindered, controlled, forced and ruled over. Is the concept of freedom here anything other than freedom for us in Norway? When a people is free - is everyone free? And if thought is free - is perfect freedom in place? Or is it more complicated...
And what is the path to freedom and life in countries like Iran - where oppressive regimes have held their iron fist over the population for years? Can the road be opened by women with short hair, a fighting spirit and an impatient desire for freedom?

These - and many other questions - will be turned around, pondered and challenged at TEHUS on Saturday, March 2. This time at Melahuset!

To raise the questions and ourselves, we have music and poetry - and the world-renowned sisters Marjan and Mahsa Vahdat. They give us music and poetry from both Persian cultural heritage and contemporary poetry, and the texts meet Western poems of both new and old. Actor Benjamin Lønne Røsler performs translated texts and Norwegian mirroring texts. Under the direction of producer and copywriter Erik Hillestad, we all get to join the conversation about FREEDOM. The conversation takes place in English and admission is free and open to all. 

Arranged by KULT Center for Art Culture Church and Melahuset.