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Oslo World – Club culture: Care and safety at night

Friday, November 4

6:30 P.M.

Dance and joy can be activism. Partying can be protest. Clubs can act as a refuge for people who are discriminated against or marginalized in everyday life. How do we make these environments safer? How can we protect the public from violence and harassment?

Alternative environments, grassroots initiatives and underground clubs often contribute to creating safer environments for vulnerable groups. Unfortunately, many of these haunts are disappearing from the cities. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find and maintain places that take care of both artists and marginalized communities. How do we protect these environments? Do they disappear? Do they transform? Do they move? Are there even places where you can actually be safe, or do we rather have to work to make club life "as safe as possible"?

This panel consists of people who actively work to create a safer club culture in Oslo, Berlin and London.

Bassel Hatoum (he/him) is the leader of the organization Skeiv Verden, which works to promote the rights of queers with a minority background in Norway, by, among other things, creating and offering safe meeting places. He is relevant as curator of the exhibition Claiming space, where the idea of safe spaces is explored through art, architecture and conversations.

Juba has built a reputation as a confident, skilled and experimental DJ, with exciting musical mixes and exuberant energy. She is an exponent of African diaspora music in and outside Europe.

Roza Taslimi (she/her) is the founder and promoter of the club concept Sweetcheeks, which celebrates queer and transgender people. In Music Norway, she works as a project coordinator and has been involved in developing tools to work for a more inclusive and safe music industry.

Kim Dürbeck is a Norwegian-Vietnamese DJ and producer based in Sandefjord. As part of the music collective Dugnad Rec, he breaks down the boundaries between jazz, electronica and alternative club genres. He releases mixes, ambient, techno and EDM internationally.

Katharin Ahrend (moderator) is culture manager, curator and cultural policy consultant in social justice, urban planning and club culture. At Clubcommission Berlin, she leads the Awareness & Diversity department, which is concerned with creating the safest and most diverse places possible within club culture, through structural changes. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Ahrend has been an active member of the global campaign "United We Stream", as well as the creative director of the "Day Of Club Culture" in Berlin.


In collaboration with Balansekunst, Keychange, Skeiv Verden and Sweetcheeks.


The event is part of the Oslo World festival, read more on their website.

18.30 – 19.30 | Free access