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Oslo Culture Night: Slam "Shake" poetry night

Friday, September 15


Welcome to Slam "SHAKE" poetry night at Melahuset during Oslo Culture Night.

Slam "SHAKE" poetry night is the meeting point for today's hot poets and they bring flame-throwing poems that are performed on stage for the audience.

The event starts at 21:00. Free admission.

The poets share their journey, reflection, talent and message with you as part of their artistic expression.

This will be an evening filled with atmosphere, emotions, sharp rhymes, rhythms, messages and lots of impressions!


You can experience these poets on stage this evening:

Patrick Raugstad

Agnete Stensrud Heggelund

Mikala Sarah Kjær

Jawad Aziz 

Rangel Vitoria Maria 

Terese Sørhus

Regine Folkman Rossnes

Zemen Teodros

Martine Antonsen

Zubeida Haji Hassan

Asha Abdullahi

Dag-Magnus Vestheim