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Melafantasi all year round: Igor & Fetterne

Tuesday 29 November


Igor, Elvis, Almir and Daniel

"The 4 fe3s" are all professional musicians and good friends. They are known for singing Norwegian national treasures and singing about ethnic minority status in a humorous way. With buckets of their own experiences in their rucksacks , they impart knowledge about prawns, lutefish, gnomes in the garden, pollen and deep snow. Crooked rhythms, good mood, and funny stories about Ali Baba, Baba Little Lamb, Little Cousin Eddy Yerkov, Mikha Ilrev, Shimshiri Omshimshiri, etc.
Look forward to half an hour of crooked rhythms,
sparkling games, big smiles and Balkan madness.

Age: 4 years and up
Two performances: at 10 and at 12
Duration: approx. 30 minutes


The event is ONLY for kindergartens!

Advance registration to fantasi@mela.no

Free entry

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