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Culture and resistance: marking the 50th anniversary of the military coup in Chile! Concert with Moddi/ Cuculikochi / Choro Livre

Saturday, September 9


This year marks 50 years since Chile suffered a bloody coup d'état led by army chief Augusto Pinochet and his military junta. On September 9, Melahuset marks the resistance against this coup with protest songs, talks and an exhibition about the Mapuche struggle against Norwegian Statkraft.

Free entrance.


Camila Sepúlveda Escobar, writer

Sonia Bustos, Chile group in LAG

Jaime Manuel Fuentes Medina, studying International Studies at UiO and leader of Oslo Red Youth

The moderator is Stine Linnerud Jespersen, teacher, translator and activist in LAG.


Mapuche, el retorno de las voces antiguas (Mapuche, the return of the old voices) by Pablo Piovano. A photo exhibition about the Mapuche struggle in Osorno.



The singer-songwriter and activist Moddi has made his mark as a strong political artist and in 2016 released the album "Unsongs", which consists of twelve banned songs. This initiative met a lot of resistance, including from the Russian authorities, and the challenges inspired him to write the book "Forbidden Songs", which was published in 2017. In 2019, he released the album "Like in 1968", in which he sings about Norwegian arms exports, power games, the climate crisis and the importance of caring. He has played on stages in Europe, Asia and Latin America and is just as likely to perform with symphony orchestras or Palestinian children's choirs as alone with his box guitar. His latest album "Bråtebrann" was released in 2022 and here he reflects on the changes in his home municipality, Senja.


Veronica Tiznado and Claudio Perez play original songs and battle music from Latin America, all rooted in a deep love of their culture. Since 2020, this duo from Chile has also played at several demonstrations and celebrations.

Choro Livre

Choro is a Brazilian rhythm that is considered one of the pillars of Brazilian popular music, alongside the tango in Argentina and the Cuban habanera. The group Choro Livre was formed in Brasilia in 1993 and has since then managed to achieve legendary status, but also ensures that this music is passed on and renewed to younger generations and an international audience.


About the military coup in Chile:

On September 11, 1973, Chile suffered a bloody coup d'état led by army chief Augusto Pinochet and his military junta, with support from the USA. The elected president Salvador Allende was killed, and in the aftermath his supporters were imprisoned, tortured and killed. One of them was the singer Victor Jara, who after his death became a symbol of Chile's struggle against Pinochet's regime.