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Connecting the Dots: Lecture with David Chocron

Thursday 17 November

7:00 P.M.

Connecting the Dots* is about stories and the power of storytelling. What is a narrative? Why do we tell stories? How can we use narrative techniques in any creative process or artistic expression?

David Chocron, award-winning multimedia artist, takes the audience on a thought-provoking, entertaining and inspiring journey through this lecture - where the essence, structure and form of storytelling is examined and compared to other art forms. David shows how music, dance, visual art and even cooking make use of dramaturgical techniques.

Connecting the Dots is creative cross-training for artists, makers, content creators, as well as art students and enthusiasts.

All creative processes are related, but each art form has its own techniques and traditions that can inform and enrich each other. David invites us to think outside our own creative boxes and find tools, techniques and inspiration from unexpected places.

David combines theoretical and historical material with engaging visual and musical examples - also from his own experiences from more than thirty years as a content creator.


*A puzzle where you draw connections between dots until a picture is revealed...


The Connecting the Dots lecture is divided into three parts:

• The philosophy of storytelling – Why do we tell stories? How do stories define us as people?
• Anatomy of the narrative – What makes a story worth telling? What are the basic plots that most stories are based on? Is the structure of the narrative a man-made convention or a natural phenomenon?
• The implementation of storytelling – How can we tell better stories? What can we learn from non-verbal arts? How can we use the principles of narrative to structure and enrich most creative processes? And how does technology affect these processes?


David Chocron, originally from New York and living in Oslo, has for a number of years contributed to Norwegian cultural life as a composer, music producer, writer, video artist and performer. He has won several international awards, including for his collaboration with the Oslo Philharmonic. See more at davidchocron.com


Connecting the Dots is relevant for all creators and communicators in art and culture, education and business... As well as anyone who is just curious about the essence of stories.

The doors open at 18.00 | Start: at 19.00 | The lecture lasts approx. 2 hours