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Oslo World – Electronic music in the SWANA region

Friday, November 4


The future is female

The sound scene in the SWANA region has been shaped by female musicians, such as Umm Kulthum, Fairouz, Sabah, Shadia and Asmahan. It is therefore no surprise that progressive female DJs in the region are now helping to shape the future of music.

The region has been in a state of social unrest and upheaval in recent years, but it also has a creative pulse. In this conversation, we will explore the artists' musical landscape and their connection to their homelands, Lebanon and Syria. How can music become a "home" for those who are travelling? How has migration been fundamental to a global sound and how does the mutual influence of different types of music lead to innovative fusions and hybrids? How can music both protect and change identities?

Noise Diva: Yara Said aka Noise Diva draws inspiration from industrial sounds, the pulse of the city, shouts, hugs, death and love. Said blurs the lines in his art, using various media such as video, sound, painting, performance, installations, text, DJing and music production.

Liliane Chlela: With her distinct mix of "sounds" and improvisation, Liliane Chlela has for over ten years pushed the boundaries of experimental and electronic music in Lebanon and the Middle East, both as a solo artist and via her various domestic and international projects.

LazerGazer: Hala Namer (b. Damascus, Syria) is an Amsterdam-based artist, DJ and sound designer. Hala comes from a performance background and uses elements from myths, rituals and her own history to investigate collective emotions. Her fragmented stories are told through film and installations, as well as carefully curated DJ sets. Parallel to DJing, Hala programs the evenings at Kannal 40, a club in the heart of Amsterdam.

Amani Semaan: Festival Director of the Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival. By organizing the festival in Lebanon, with an international delegate program, as well as satellite festivals during Oslo World and tours with selected bands in Europe, Beirut & Beyond has in a short time managed to become an important player at home and internationally.

Christina Hazboun: The Sonic Agent is the diverse business of Christina Hazboun; a Palestinian explorer in music, space, time and society. Through promotion, boutique PR, research, radio, mixing and podcasting, she focuses on increasing interest in new trends and music from West Asia, North Africa and the Global South.


In collaboration with Keychange , Creative Europe, Talent Norge , Masahat and Jæger .


The event is part of the Oslo World festival, read more on their website.

15.30 – 16.30 | Free access