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BY: ALARM on Melahuset : Little Pablo + Graham Lake + William Gamborg + Mercedess + MIMI

Thursday 15 September

7:30 P.M.

Little Pablo

Lille Pablo is a Norwegian rapper, songwriter and artist from Haugesund, who in recent years has taken the local music scene in Haugalandet by storm. Since the first release, Lille Pablo has created songs such as "Medusa", "Ice" and "Du må gå" - the former was released for radio play on P3.

Little Pablo was one of the by:Larm demo jury's favorites this year - be sure to catch his concert at by:Larm 2022!


Graham Lake

The reputation of the young Swedish producer and multi-instrumentalist Graham Lake has reached more and more people recently, helped by his unpredictable sound, where guitar-driven production, beats that make the dance floor slide, and a powerful vocal in a special class. The Stockholm-born artist has released a number of singles in 2021 and 2022 on EMI that showcase his entire musical breadth in full glory.

At the age of five, Graham began playing the cello, which he continued until he was fifteen. He was inspired by the YouTube videos of Martin Garrix to pick up DJing and songwriting. In his late teens, Graham was brought into the studio by Linus "Style of Eye" Eklöw from Galantis, who is the producer on Graham's debut single "Focus".


William Gamborg

William Gamborg has a background in dance, acting and music, and from a young age has loved to entertain and express himself artistically with the aim of making it big as a versatile artist. William has shared the stage with artists such as Alan Walker, Karpe, Marcus & Martinus, and Madcon. He is now ready to step forward and show his versatility in music. His genre is a mix of R&B, melodic rap and pop.

William released his first single "Sørenga" last summer, which he both produced and wrote himself. Since then he has released several songs, including "Holder iggen" with Makosir, "Farvel" with Boua and Hkeem and recently "Nam", an Afro-inspired song with a Scandinavian twist.



Mercedess is a young singer and songwriter from Amager outside Copenhagen, who makes such stylish gangster pop that it's hard not to wear sunglasses inside. She debuted in 2020 with the single "Shy Gangster" on her own label, and was quickly picked up by both the media and listeners.

At the start of 2022, "Obvious" was listed as one of Danish P3's Uundgåelige, and quickly became the most played song on the channel. Mercedess has played and collaborated with names such as Goss, Phlake and Barselona, and played two sold-out concerts in Lille Vega in 2021.

The debut album Casa Fantasia is out in June 2022. The album is characterized by a dreamy, personal universe in which the listener can reflect and be assured that it is okay to be sensitive. She herself says that "the songs are about a longing for honesty and closeness in relationships and everyday life," and asks: "How do we get close to each other when we sit and stare at screens and everyone is in a hurry?" The album was created together with, among others, Vera, Goss and Christian Vium.



Mimmi Sandén, alias MIMI, is one of Sweden's absolute best singers and has been doing so since a young age. In recent years, MIMI has taken a new approach to his music, focusing on being bold, doing what feels right and sticking his chin out.

In the last two years, she has worked a lot with the producer Albin Tengblad, and is inspired by underground hip-hop and alternative pop. What we have in store in the future differs from the rest of the Swedish music scene, it's sharper and more US-inspired - it's really fat and MIMI will prove it to the fullest at by:Larm 2022!



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