The awakening against racism

In recent years , racism has become sharper and more visible. In the years to come, I hope that anti-racism will also become sharper and more visible - precisely because future generations will never be able to accept racial discrimination. They are different from my generation who were used to keeping quiet when we were spit on and who kept quiet every time someone shouted "black fuck" at us.

Racism adapts to any time and any situation, and apartheid in Israel is different from apartheid in South Africa. But despite the different mechanisms, there is something in common, and that is the difference between white and non-white, not between "tea or coffee".

The Black Lives Matter campaign has managed to gather opposition to racism. At the same time, it has helped white people question their privileges.

In a timely and apt comment, Selma Moren, debate editor at Dagsavisen, writes that "One of the reasons why white privileges are difficult to talk about is that the vast majority do not feel that they have power or advantages. It's just normal. "

Ultimately , it has to do with consciousness. When the racial divide has led to you being pushed to the bottom of the ladder, the privileges of others become clearer. Therefore, it is the victims of racism who must define the struggle and be its spokespersons. At the same time, the great white society must make itself aware. Without general awakening, we will not get far.

Norway has come a long way in the work against racism and the majority of the population and the political parties are aware of racism in society. At the same time, there is a lack of both clear action and a clear distance from FRP racism.

The work against racism requires a dynamic way of thinking to bring all good forces together, and an organic way of thinking in order to be able to fight different fronts at the same time: everyday racism, public discrimination, the far right and much more. And not least be in solidarity with similar struggles for justice. The energetic resistance that has characterized the demonstrations in Norway last week must only continue and develop into a lasting movement.

Khalid Salimi, Director Melahuset and Melafestivalen , Editor-in-Chief Samora Forum

The debate post was published in Dagsavisen 12.06.2020 

Published June 12, 2020