Debate: Everyday racism. Racism every day.

The whole of Norway is discussing tolls, while there is one topic we really should talk more about.

Every day, people experience that their name prevents them from getting a job they are qualified for. They do not enter nightclubs in Oslo. And they experience that they are more often stopped by the police - just based on their skin color. Everyday racism is the racism you encounter every day from ordinary people either online or in real life.

It is not long since the increased racism in society became relevant when a white boy from Bærum shot his sister and then went to a mosque with the goal of killing as many Muslims as possible.
With the shooting at the mosques, we have again seen how important it is to fight this racism. What can we as a society do? What should politicians do?

Welcome to the debate on Melahuset Tuesday, September 3 at 18.

The moderator is: Hannah Wozene Kvam.


Ylva Holm Torsteinson (Red)
Omar Gamal (SV)
Abdullah Alsabeehg (Labor Party)
Julianne Ferskaug (Left)
Silje Lutro (Right)

In addition, socially engaged young people come to give speeches and tell their stories:

Rapper Mikal Bockman alias Flexi Aukan

Thomas Talawa Prestø, artistic director of the Tabanka Dance Ensemble.

Miriam Mardan, professional consultant and project manager for the Job Seeker Aid in Oslo.

Anita Rathore, Deputy Head of OMOD (Organization Against Public Discrimination).

Before and after the debate, there will be a musical element with Ibou Cissokho.

About MelaValg:
In connection with the municipal elections on 9 September, Mela and Samora Forum are launching a campaign to shed light on current political issues, increase voter turnout among young people, and mobilize voters with immigrant backgrounds and first-time voters.

Published August 26, 2019