Photo exhibition: #HOMElia

On Tuesday 15 September, the photo exhibition #HOMElia opens in the Pavilion in Holmliaparken. The exhibition gives us a unique opportunity to get to know the people and the commitment at Holmlia better.

We meet 18 people who all see Holmlia as their home. Through portraits and stories about everything from belonging, longing and dreams, to moving from one home to another, we become better acquainted with Holmlia's history and the people who live here.

Iffit Qureshi, photojournalist and public debater, is behind the exhibition. She is an author, known for the Facebook page Humans of Oslo, and in 2017 Qureshi was awarded the prestigious Oslo City Artist Prize.

The exhibition is shown in the Pavilion in Holmliaparken and runs until 1 November 2020.

See more information on the exhibition's Facebook page.

The photo exhibition is funded by the Oslo South initiative.

Published September 11, 2020