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Ragatid: Shantala Subramanyam Trio

Sunday, April 14


Bamboo flute sings! - The trio will be led by Shantala Subramyanam, from Chennai, the heartland of carnatic music. Its renowned for its emphasis on improvisation of beautiful ragas followed by compositions with spiritual, philosophical and nature themes. The compositions are followed by spontaneous exchanges of highly evolved rhythmic improvisations. The concert will take you through flights of ecstasy, meditative passages and excitement with Flute, vocals, Violin , Mridangam and kunnakol.

Doors open at 16:30
The concert starts at 17:00
Free entry

On stage:

Shantala Subramanyam - flute/ vocals

Keshav Mohan - violin

Anirudha Bhat - mridangam/ konnakol