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Oslo World – When the journey affects the songwriting

Tuesday, November 1

11:30 am

We travel, we meet people from different parts of the world, we listen to music written by others. How does that affect a songwriter? What is the story behind a song? How can a songwriter compress lived life down to 3 minutes? How do impulses from different parts of the world inspire the melodies and themes we write about? Or to start with the starting point, how do you make a song? What is required?

Katarina Barruk is one of the central young artists from Sápmi today. She is known for a hard-hitting, but also supple and down-to-earth mix of pop music, traditional joik and improvisation. She grew up in Lusspie (Storuman) and Gajhrege (Gardfjäll), but today lives in Oslo, and in the last decade she has played concerts all over Europe.

Ole Vuyo Småge is a Norwegian/South African rapper and producer, and last year was nominated for NOPA's songwriting scholarship. Last year included the release of the self-produced EP 'Home Cooked Meals', the commissioned work 'Brothers' at the Festivals in Northern Norway, the recording of the EP and a concert in Johannesburg with local artists and producers. Born in Zimbabwe, raised in Norway, South Africa and Zambia, Vuyo had seen much of the world even before he reached school age. With a father central to the struggle for liberation from apartheid in South Africa, and a mother who fought the same cause in neighboring Namibia, it was clear early on that Vuyo would end up a citizen of the world

Asta B. Lydersen is an artist and actor in the cultural group Queendom, and has extensive experience as a board member and jury member in cultural life. She currently works as a freelance project manager, event producer and program manager within culture, business and volunteering.


In collaboration with NOPA


The event is part of the Oslo World festival, read more on their website.

11.30 – 12.30 | Free access