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India: Economic growth with huge social inequalities

Tuesday, May 14

5:30 P.M.

In recent decades, India has experienced impressive economic growth. A large number of people have been lifted out of poverty and it is estimated that the country will remain the fastest growing economy in 2024. Despite the country's economic progress, India still has the highest number of poor people in the world and economic inequality remains a major threat. In addition, the country's caste system and a large number of 'missing women' contribute to social inequalities at multiple levels.

  • Doors open at 17.30 and the talk starts at 18.00
  • Free entry

In this panel conversation, we use the upcoming national elections as an opportunity to take stock of and discuss economic and social developments in India over the last decade: Who are the winners  and losers of the fast economic growth? Has India become more or less unequal over time, and how is the current government's policies affecting different groups in terms of class, gender, religion, caste, and urban-rural divides?

The panel is comprised by experienced India researchers based in the Nordic region:  

Kathinka Frøystad, Professor at the University of Oslo 

Kalle Moene, Professor at the University of Oslo

Deva Nandan Harikrishna, Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Oslo

Anne Waldrop, professor at Oslo Met

Moderator: Ari Gautier

The event is supported by UiO:Democracy and Fritt Ord