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PÖ / Rebelle Collective

August 18, 2023

 Kafé Hærverk: Hausmanns gate 34 11:00 p.m

When the artist, producer, actor and DJ is not tending her garden in a forest outside Paris, or performing as part of the duo Poko Poko with Rey Sapienz, she makes industrial noise music with a pan-African eye. She is associated with the Nyege Nyege collective and draws inspiration from, among other things, colleague DJ Diaki and the Tanzanian underground, and weaves it together with funk and dancehall. Pö has previously played at festivals such as Nyege Nyege, Roskilde, Africolor and Sphinxx, and this evening she does a hybrid set somewhere between a concert and a DJ set.

Rebelle Collective is a DJ collective consisting of MissFusion, DJ Kazi and ANNA, and has been going strong since 2020. Drawing on African and Caribbean sounds, the trio mixes and experiments with a wide range of genres, ensuring a good atmosphere on the dance floor with their raw blend of dancehall, afrobeats, amapiano, "soca with a pinch of hip-hop", house and electronica.

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Main Stage MELAfantasi MELAarena MELAklubb