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Olle Abstract / Cél / 50/50 Street Band

August 19, 2023

 Dunk: Bernt Ankers gate 21    23.00

The DJ legend Olle Abstract has been the primary supplier for the Norwegian club scene since the beginning of the 90s. He started his career in local radio with Tommy Tee in the 80s and for 14 years he hosted the program "Abstract" on NRK P3, where he made sure to inform listeners about the best in house, techno and disco - a task he now continues on his own podcast "SOUND". As a DJ, he boasts a versatility that few other Norwegian DJs can match. He playfully plays his way through cosmic space disco, polyrhythmic Afrobeats, acidic acid and all kinds of forms/variants of house, techno and disco.

Cél regularly plays vinyl records from his versatile collection, both alone and as part of the club concept Flat Earth Club. With music that includes everything from obscure rhythms to danceable club classics, she has previously warmed the dance floor at places such as Pauls Boutique, Storgata 26, Kafé Hærverk and Hør Hør.

Between sets, the 50/50 Street Band provides fierce rhythms and a good atmosphere.

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