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Ahadadream / Ilavenil Vasuky Jayapalan as Nagaver / ANNA

August 19, 2023

 Kafé Hærverk: Hausmanns gate 34 11:00 p.m

With his DJ sets, Ahadadream has become a recognized name in the London club scene, but people are also starting to notice him internationally: Even Rosalía has given her official seal of approval to his bootleg of "Di mi nombre". He is the initiator of the club concept NO ID, music producer and one of the founders of the influential record company More Time Records. On the dance floor, he takes the audience on a percussive journey, somewhere between UK funky and the South Asian underground in London. One of his songs is called "Tabla Gqom", which gives a fairly precise picture of where we are musically.

With Nagaver,Ilavenil Vasuky Jayapalan has created a performative, sonic art project. The work is inspired by the mythical Nagas, Tamil film and folk music, as well as the first LP, "OBEY THE KING", which was based on the Tamil Tigers' methods of nation-building and warfare. The monumental piece of music takes the audience on a journey through action and resistance, destruction and grief, magic and transcendence – as well as celebrations of wars won.

ANNA is one third of the DJ collective Rebelle, which since the end of the pandemic has worked its way up in Oslo's nightlife. As a DJ, she combines everything from old school riddims to newer electronic music, which together becomes an eclectic, exciting mix of futuristic dancehall and afrotech.

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