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Freedom of speech and blasphemy - limits and dilemmas!

Wednesday, June 12


Is freedom of speech blasphemy and can blasphemy be punished with death?

Welcome to an exciting conversation about blasphemy, freedom of speech, religious criticism and the glorification of violence!
Erik Stephansen, political editor at Nettavisen, Linda Noor, social commentator and CEO of Minotenk and Naserah Yousuf, social commentator and Ahmadiyya Muslim, debate NRK journalist Atta Ansari's book with the striking title "Blasfemistridens blodige historie - voldden, verden og kampen for det frie ord". Ansari has been working on the topic for a long time, and in the book he asks whether editor-controlled media in Norway have been aware enough of their responsibility and role when the so-called caricature debate ravaged Europe. At the same time, he asks whether Muslims around the world are willing to discuss religious criticism without resorting to violence. The book documents and analyzes the dark and bloody blasphemy debate in Pakistan, whose branches extend to Europe and Norway.
The panelists will discuss:
- Where are the limits of freedom of expression
- Do we need a new blasphemy law in Norway
- Are Muslims served by a blasphemy law in Norway
- Are Norwegian Muslims willing to discuss criticism of religion without resorting to violence
- Have Norwegian media been agitators or knowledge providers in the blasphemy debate
- Who has paid the highest price after the strict blasphemy laws in Pakistan?
Doors open at 1800.
Initiator and moderator: Akhtar Chaudhry, former Member of Parliament