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Adama Barry Group

Saturday, November 11

08:00 P.M.

It will be catchy nomadic blues from West Africa when Adama Barry takes the stage at Melahuset together with musicians Solo Diarra, Sankung Jobarteh and James Chilton. They bring with them traditional nomadic instruments from Burkina Faso, modern guitars and Norwegian mouth harp.

The doors open at 20:00
Concert starts at 21:00
Free entry

Adama Barry is known for his outstanding stage energy and enthusiasm, which makes the audience sing, clap and dance along with the music. He grew up in Burkina Faso and belongs to the Fulani people. Fulani music is played in a pentatonic scale and is known for its rich combination of impulses and distinctive rhythms. The Fulani tradition has influenced musical expressions across the African continent, as well as what became blues and jazz in the United States. True to his roots, Adama Barry carries his heritage through his music, but also in interaction with his fellow musicians and their musical traditions.

On stage tonight: 

Adama Barry - traditional fulani flutes, 1- and 3-string guitars, vocals and harmonica

Solo Diarra - gourd, djembe, tamani

Sankung Jobarteh - sologitar

James Chilton - bass guitar

The project is supported by the Arts Council and the City of Oslo.