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Oslo World – Unheard voices – Embroidery workshop

Wednesday, November 2

5:30 P.M.

Those who fight for the environment, democracy, social, human and indigenous rights are often the target of threats and violence. Some even lose their lives. This workshop will promote their voices and show how they use art as a tool. 

The solidarity patchwork , which was made during Oslo World 2021, will be the inspiration and backdrop for the event. We will hear stories from the patchwork, about people who have lost their lives in battle. New names and new stories can be stitched in and shared. As you listen to the sounds and stories of the destinies found in the tapestry, you can contribute yourself by making your own patches with stencil and paint, or needle and thread, to pay tribute to the names that should not be forgotten and amplify the stories of the struggle of these activists. 

Come and join us and to remember together.


Limited number of places - register HERE .

Everyone is most welcome to the event. All necessary materials will be distributed. There will also be some ready-made stencils that you can use.

Note: If you send us the name in advance on the registration form, we can print it on transparent paper to make it easier to make a stencil.


About the Solidarity Carpet
The Solidarity Carpet is an interactive project created by Astrid and Ingrid Fadnes. It is a large patchwork where the various pieces tell stories of solidarity, linked to the fortieth anniversary of the Latin American groups in Norway (LAG).


The event is part of the Oslo World festival, read more on their website.

Starts at 17.30 | Free access